2015-01The counter pressure LG-EP valve, initially used for a glass project, has been supplied also for PET bottles.
Even if for PET bottles the trend is to use volumetric valves, in case of low budget project and reduced number of format to be bottled, the LG-EP system can be a valid solution.
The electro pneumatic control is used to control the CO2 opening for the counter pressure, to put the valve in the anti-explosion position., to control the decompression and to control the opening of the CIP channel.
The advantage of this solution is the possibility to set from control panel the duration of the various phases of the filling cycle, optimizing them for each size without having constraint related to the mechanical position of the controls around the filling carrousel. Moreover it is possible to decide if to do a multi step snifting and the set filling cycles can be memorized and loaded for each size.
The fill level is adjusted changing the vent pipe, designed with a quick connection system.